The Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator

Transform Your Social Selling Business into a Purpose-Driven Profit Machine with the Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator!

Escape Burnout and Thrive:

Discover the Path to Sustainable Success and Abundant Joy!

Are you tired of....

- Trying to find a balance between your business and personal life, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

- Constantly feeling like there's never enough time to focus on your business while juggling family commitments.

- Feeling like you are always sacrificing precious family time and relationships in pursuit of business growth, causing emotional strain and guilt.

- The pressure to achieve rapid success and continually push yourself to the limit which causes burnout and pure exhaustion.

- Feeling pressured to do it ALL, which is taking a toll on your mental health.

- Struggling to generate consistent income in your business and feeling financial stresses.

What if things could be different?

How amazing would it be if you could grow and sustain a profitable business in as little as 5 hours per week?

Imagine running a thriving, profitable business with just 5 hours per week of dedicated effort. Our program is designed to make this a reality. Through our 16-week course, coaching calls, and supportive community, you'll learn how to maximize your efficiency and results, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in life.

How amazing would it be if you knew EXACTLY what you needed to do in order to move the needle forward in your business and stop wasting precious time?

What if you could have absolute clarity on the precise steps needed to propel your business forward and eliminate time-wasting activities? At the Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator, we empower you with the knowledge and strategies to do just that.

Our program equips you with a clear roadmap for success, so you can make every moment count and achieve your business goals efficiently. Say goodbye to uncertainty and wasted time, and hello to focused, purpose-driven growth.

How amazing would it be if you could conquer the mind-drama once and for all and fully step in to your God-given potential?

Picture a life where you've conquered the mental hurdles once and for all, fully embracing your God-given potential. It's not just amazing; it's transformative.

The Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator program is designed to help you break free from the mind-drama that holds you back. With faith-based guidance, coaching, and a supportive community, you'll gain the confidence and mindset needed to unleash your true potential.

If you’re finding yourself nodding along to all this, you’re not alone…

Like you, so many faith-centered social sellers are filled with passion, determination, and a deep desire to make a difference. Yet, it often feels like an uphill battle, leaving you exhausted, burnt out, and questioning if it's all worth it. What good does it do to work your tail off to get to a desired rank or income only to be ready to quit from pure exhaustion and burnout once you get there?

Which is why I’m soooo excited to introduce the:

Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator!

A transformative coaching program designed exclusively for faith-driven women in network marketing. We understand your struggles, and we've developed a unique approach to help you not only achieve your goals, but also do so in a way that puts God at the center, preserves your well-being, and allows you to thrive!

Here’s what you’ll get when you join:


16-Week Signature Accelerator Course

The 16 week Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator course will completely transform your life and business!
Discover how to align your business with God's truth, cultivate nourishing routines, and commit to purposeful growth, all within a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This course is designed to be completed in 16 weeks, however you have access to it for the full duration of your membership, so you can work through it faster or slower if you so choose. You cannot get this course ANYWHERE else.

Value: $2,500


Bi-Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Elevate your learning experience with our engaging bi-weekly coaching calls. These sessions provide an opportunity to receive personalized guidance, connect with fellow members, and gain exclusive insights from your coach as well as special guests. There will also be pop-in live trainings from time to time that dive deep into relevant topics, enriching your understanding and empowering your journey towards success.

Value: $400


On-demand Group Voxer Support Monday-Friday

Never feel alone on your path to growth and success. Our program offers exclusive on-demand (Monday to Friday) group chat support via Voxer, where you can connect with fellow members and our experienced team for immediate assistance, motivation, and inspiration. Whether it's a question, a moment of doubt, or a celebratory win, our Voxer support group is here for you!

Value: $500


Private Facebook Community

Join a supportive community of women who share your passion for social selling. Our private Facebook group is a safe space to connect, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals. Share insights, seek advice, and celebrate each other's successes within this exclusive community dedicated to your growth and well-being.

Value: $100

TOTAL VALUE = $3,500

Enroll now for just $99/month!

“I’m blown away by how much my life has shifted since trusting God with the investment into KAGA. The community of entrepreneurial-minded Christian women was something I didn’t know I needed. But truly, it has been a game changer. Since starting this program, I’ve personally grown my team more than I ever have, I’ve re-ranked and hit qualifications that I’ve never been able to hit before, and I’m getting the personal accountability I need to make it all happen. I get excited to get on our weekly coaching calls and share the things that have happened, or ask for help on certain things so I can learn and grow. Biggest break through? Give your business to God, his way is so much better."

— Kathryn R.

“One of the many things that I’ve benefited from KAGA coaching is the realization that I don’t have to have a separate plans for business, home life, relationships, finances, and health by providing me with tools that work anywhere I want to apply them. Understanding why my results in any area of my life are what they are and how to change that has been an amazing journey of self refection and growth. I’m showing up with more intention, dedication, and with a better mindset in many areas of my life."

— Melanie H.

"Because of this program, I see a change in my thought process. Like the thought cycle. I've seen that I haven't given up even on my bad days. My relationship with GOD has changed so much for the better. I'm not perfect but I'm leaning on Him more. I'm happier doing DOING LESS MORE through KAGA.
One breakthrough is knowing that I need to have more grace because I'm hard on myself sometimes. In my faith, I've boldly talked about it on Social Media and I've been more intentional in my time while working. BECAUSE I am growing to become the leader I want to be by this program."

— Ada R.


Experience Even More Kingdom Growth

with the Premier VIP Membership!

Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level? Upgrade to our Premier VIP Membership today, and you'll not only receive all the benefits of the Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator Membership but also

gain exclusive access to the Girl Power Alliance (GPA) VIP Membership!

— GPA is a Christ-centered personal, professional, and spiritual development program that has changed my life and I believe in it so strongly that I have included a package in my coaching program that partners with them and gets you BOTH MEMBERSHIPS!

With the VIP Membership, you'll enjoy:

•👑 Radiant Leadership Academy ($3,500 Value): Elevate your leadership skills with this exclusive academy, empowering you to lead with grace and impact.

• 🎤 Radiant Speaker Academy ($5,000 Value): Hone your public speaking abilities and make your voice heard with confidence.

•🌟Radiant Leadership Coach Training and Certification (ICF Accredited): Become an accredited leadership coach and unlock new career opportunities.

•📚 200+ On-Demand Modules: Access a wealth of knowledge with courses such as The Residual Life Course, Entrepreneur Academy, Communication and On-Camera Training, Marketplace Ministry, and more!

•📞 Monthly Expert Coaching Calls: Gain insights from experts to supercharge your growth.

•🧠 Monthly Leadership Mastermind Calls: Connect with fellow leaders and share wisdom in a supportive environment.

•🤝 Monthly Accountability Calls: Stay on track with your goals and ensure consistent progress.

•🙏 Weekly Prayer Calls: Nourish your spirit and find strength through faith.

And that's just the beginning!

Our VIP Membership is your ticket to a world of opportunities and transformation.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary offer to supercharge your growth and step into your God-given potential.

Upgrade to VIP Membership now and embrace a future filled with radiant leadership, powerful communication, and limitless possibilities!

TOTAL VALUE = $12,000 +

Enroll in the Premier VIP membership now!


What is the Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator?

The Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator is a transformative program tailored to empower individuals involved in social selling, network marketing, and direct sales. Our primary objective is to guide these entrepreneurs in reshaping their business strategies, enabling them to achieve higher income levels while simultaneously making a more profound Kingdom impact.

Our program stands out by challenging the prevailing industry norm, which often glorifies an unsustainable 24/7 work culture that demands significant personal sacrifices for success. Instead, we are dedicated to ushering you into an authentic Christ-centered approach to your business endeavors.

By embracing our approach, you can expect a joyful heart, a blessed family, and steady income growth. We prioritize values that not only lead to financial prosperity but also promote spiritual fulfillment. Join us on this transformative journey to create a sustainable, purpose-driven business that reflects your faith and values while reaping the rewards of financial abundance.

How much does the program cost?

The program is available for a one-time payment of $498 or through 6 monthly payments of $99. The is a payment plan for a 6 month membership commitment, so it cannot be canceled before all payments are made.

What is included in the program?

The program encompasses a comprehensive video course that offers in-depth tutorials and training to help you align with God's truth, establish nourishing routines, and commit to purposeful growth. Complementing this course is a 16-week workbook, thoughtfully crafted to include relevant scriptures, homework assignments, and practical application exercises.

Notably, your access to the course remains available throughout the entire duration of your membership, granting you the flexibility to engage with the material at your own pace. While the recommended timeline for completing the course is 16 weeks, you have the freedom to work through it faster or slower, tailoring it to your individual needs and preferences.

One of the standout features of this course is the robust coaching and support system we provide. We understand the challenges of purchasing online courses without guidance, and that's why we've created a variety of supports to serve you. These include a private Facebook community and access to 24-hour (weekday) group Voxer support, ensuring you never feel alone on your journey. To enhance your experience further, we host LIVE bi-weekly group coaching Zoom sessions, offering valuable guidance and insights to assist you every step of the way. With the Kingdom Aligned Growth Accelerator, you're not just gaining access to materials; you're becoming part of a supportive and nurturing community committed to your success.

Will this work for new social sellers just starting out?

Absolutely. Our program is designed for newcomers and seasoned social sellers alike. You'll receive step-by-step guidance in our 16-week course, along with personalized coaching and a supportive community. We make it easy for beginners to start their social selling journey successfully.

Is this for social sellers who have already had a significant amount of success?

Yes! We offer advanced strategies, mindset enhancement, networking opportunities, and time efficiency tips for seasoned social sellers looking to elevate their success to new heights. In fact, what we teach inside of KAGA is what I used to personally promote up two more levels, hitting the very top of my company in 2022 after being stuck at the same rank for 4 years!

When will I get access to the program?

Immediately after you join! You will get a welcome email with all the details and link to your portal. You can also immediately join our private Facebook community as well as group Voxer chat for on-demand support.

Can I join the program later?

You can come back and join the program at anytime. However, please note that the cost of the program/special offers you see now could change over time.

Is this program only for social sellers/NWM/direct sellers?

While our program is tailored to social sellers, network marketers, and direct sellers, it offers valuable insights and a faith-centered approach that can benefit any faith-based woman in the realm of digital marketing or online business. Whether you're involved in social selling or any online venture, our program can help you align your business with your faith, maximize efficiency, and achieve lasting success.

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